+ Vertical series

                         -  25 KVA Vertical 
                          -  30 KVA Vertical 
                          -  35 KVA Vertical    
                           45 KVA Vertical
                          -  50 KVA Vertical
                          -  62.5 KVA Vertical
                          -  82.5 KVA Vertical
                        - 100  KVA Vertical
                        -125 KVA Vertical

Guardian Power Solution

The Guardian Brand of Generator Sets brings international standards to discerning customers expecting a better product experience.

The vertical design is the first ever in the world for an acoustically enclosed Genset. It’s a Genset that matches the elegance of your other personal gadgets at home or office! Sleek looks smallest footprint (click here for comparison chart), low weight,  modern technology at core, and 24x7 customer support; set ‘Guardian' Gensets apart from competition. Sized from  25 kVA to 125 kVA, it is meant to be adequate to keep all your home and office equipment working through power outages. AC, geyser, TV, microwave and PC’s - all your equipment can operate simultaneously!!! 

Thoughtful features and controls make Guardian Gensets user friendly. Guardian Gensets are certified compliant to applicable noise and emission norms.

Guardian Gensets provide fuel economy, best warranty terms and lowest cost of maintenance.

Diversified Power Engineering