25 Kva Vertical

The ‘Guardian' brand of residential small Gensets brings international standard to Indian homes expecting a better product experience.  

The Vertical design is the first ever in the world for an acoustically enclosed Genset. It’s a Genset that matches the elegance of  your other personal gadgets at home!  Sleek looks, smallest footprint , low weight, Japanese technology at core, and careful customer support; sets ‘Guardian' Gensets apart from competition.(click here for comparison chart) Sized from 25 kVA to 125 kVA, it is meant to be adequate to keep all your home equipment working through power outages. AC, geyser,TV,microwave and PC’s - can all work together. 

Thoughtful features and controls make Guardian Residential Gensets  family friendly.  Guardian Residential Gensets are certified compliant to applicable noise and emission norms.

                         - 25 KVA Vertical 
                          - 30 KVA Vertical
                          - 35 KVA  Vertical
                          - 45 KVA Vertical
                          - 50 KVA  Vertical

​                          - 62.5 KVA Vertical

                          - 82.5 KVA Vertical

                          -100 KVA Vertical

                          -125 KVA Vertical




 An advanced Tata Motors ( TML ) or Volvo Eicher ( VECV) engine powers the Guardian Residential Gensets. Engine incorporates the latest technology, which translates to lower maintenance cost & environmental benefits. The specifically designed water cooled engine is light in weight, compact, has high torque and is low on vibration. This enhances fuel efficiency and longevity of the genset.


MeccAlte / Stamford alternator provides a robust electric generation. Rated for 1500 revs a minute, it generates single or three phase output that conforms to BS 5000/IS 4722 norms. Being brushless, there is a near zero maintenance need. The functionality is better due screen protection, self excitation and regulation through AVR.   

The high quality power is due to:

  •  + 1.0 % Voltage regulation (max.) in static conditions
  •  IP: 23 protection with insulation class H
  •  Permissible overload of 10% for one hour in 12 hours of operation
  • The generated power has less than 5% total harmonic distortion (THD) which is suitable for sensitive electronic equipments and micro-chip based appliances such as medical equipment, laptops and

    variable speed HVAC (seen more often in homes and offices nowadays). 

Control Panel:-

The Microprocessor / Microcontroller based automatic generator start and supervisory device is designed keeping in view ease of operation. The panel has 20 characters x 4 lines backlit LCD, 13 LEDs and 9

keys which provide easy user interface.  RMS measurement of all measured components within 1% accuracy of measured value indicates high quality of power generated. Back lit LCD display facilitates easy reading and parameter settings. The panel is fully operational up to 4V and can withstand a voltage dip up to zero volts for 1 sec. Additional facility for remote start/stop of the genset can be provided. The controller calculates and
displays a ‘service due’ indication for hassle free maintenance.


  • Generator voltage - 1 phase / 3 phase  

  • Generator current - 1 phase / 3 phase

  • Generator frequency - 50Hz

  • Dc battery voltage·                    

  • kWh

  • ​kW and power factor

  • ​Rpm

  • Generator run hour (5 digit)​​


  • Mains- 1 phase / 3 phase monitoring for under / over voltage, under / over frequency, overload and phase voltage imbalance.

  • Generator - 1 phase / 3 phase monitoring for under /over voltage, under / over frequency,overload and phase voltage imbalance.

  • Battery

  • ​DG overload / DG over speed protection.

  • LLOP with time delay.

  • HWT(under / over voltage) monitoring.

  • Emergency off.

Mounting arrangement of DG set

  • Engine and alternator are mounted on a common MS fabricated base frame with AVM pads

Fuel Tank

  • Suitable for minimum 14 hours running time at 75 % load.


  • Genset is supplied with a battery with initial charge of 12 volts, DC.

Acoustic Enclosure

The acoustic enclosure is made of CRCA sheets with structural/ sheet metal base frame painted with long lasting polyurethane paint. The walls of the enclosure are insulated with fire retardant foam.The enclosure is specially designed to meet Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) norms of 75dBA at 1 meter under free field conditions as per ISO 8528 Part-10.
  • Single point lifting for easy handling at customer site.

  • Specially designed for ease of servicing. 

  • Air inlet louvers specially designed to operate at rated load.

  • Made on special purpose CNC machines for consistency in quality and workmanship.

  • Powder coated for long lasting life and superior finish.

  • UV resistant powder coating withstands extreme environment condition

  • Insulation material meets exacting IS 8183 specifications for better sound attenuation.

  • Flush styling - no projections makes it ideal for residences and offices alike.

  • Fluid drains for lube oil and fuel

  • Fuel filling is provided inside the enclosure for enhanced security.

  • Emergency stop switch.


The Vertical and Horizontal range of guardian generators are elegantly styled to compliment your home and office and the sleek gadgets within it.

The unique vertical models with thesmallest footprint occupy minimum floor space.
​The silencer and the control panels mounted inside the enclosure give the gensets a flush styling and neat finish designed to match modern day life styles. The entire range of Guardian Gensets is more compact than any other leading brand. 

           + Vertical series

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