Diversified Power Engineering


Transportation & Accommodation

For those who stay in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai,Thane, Kalyan, Panvel, and any of its suburbs; it is a matter of daily local travel by road or train. Hotels are otherwise available in Navi Mumbai, within 2-6 kms, in a tariff range of USD 35 to120 per day. The closest railway station (Turbhe) in 1.2kms from the school.    


Theory (through lectures, audio-visual presentations & cut sections) ​Diesel engine operating principles & construction ​Major engine components

​Systems & equipment
​·        lubrication, air, fuel, cooling 

·        governor, turbocharger, starters, safety, control HFO operation, trouble shooting

Practice (through disassembly-reassembly) turbochargers, hydraulic governor, starting motor fuel pump & injector cyl head-piston decarbonisation, big end & main bearing electrical simulation panel calibration and parameter measurement


Limited to 7, and preferred that every batch has participants with similar professional and academic level. Name of every participant is finalised a week before the course commences (to enable internal processing with Yanmar QC). 


Upon successful completion (participation & exam), the participants shall be awarded with Yanmar Certification on the final day.

Technical Training School (India)

Enhanced Education, Superior Service

Yanmar, inventor of world’s first commercial diesel engine, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of engines since 101 years. Yanmar Technical Training Schools have imparted expertise in O&M of 4-stroke diesel engine technology to marine and power fraternities worldwide.    

The Schools train Engineers, Managers, Surveyors and Operators.Ind-Aust has trained and developed service experts for Yanmar engines. They have carried out commissioning, maintenance and troubleshooting on hundreds of Yanmar engines located across many countries. It is the largest team of service experts of any manufacturer in the Indian maritime context.  

Yanmar Technical Training School (India) is operated collaboratively by Yanmar and Ind-Aust and dedicated to the South Asian region.

Course information


The standard course is of one/two weeks, conducted Monday to Friday from 1000-1800hrs. (This may change if there is an interveningholiday).  


You may request further information on   ytts@indaust.com

PIC  Mr. Akash Sanghani    


+91-22-2763/ 27892524

We will be glad to discuss your requirements. 


School will provide

·         course text & stationary 

·         safety helmet, gloves 

·         working lunch & tea

·         transportation to/from Turbhe railway station


Participants shall provide for their own working overalls, safety shoes and accommodation.

The Special Features are :

·        course content, QC and certification are by Yanmar

·        trainers are factory trained

·        training engine, of 1MW, 2012 built, is IMO Tier 2 compliant

·        course duration is of one or two weeks

·        content level is varied according to learner’s background

·        training combines theory with hands-on practice

·        comprehensively covers engine, associated equipment, electrical & control systems

·        batch size is limited to a maximum of 7

·        course is offered only to Yanmar users