Ind Aust: Your Trusted Manufacturing Partner

Ind Aust is a leading manufacturing services provider that collaborates with prominent companies in the precision parts, capital goods, and consumer goods industries. We offer a comprehensive range of manufacturing services that include creating bespoke components, mass-producing goods, ensuring quality certification, as well as managing inventory and supply chain operations.

Accurate Alignment with Customer Requirements

At Ind Aust, we provide a highly accurate alignment between customer requirements and supplier capabilities. This enables our customers to receive their ordered parts in less time, significantly reducing lead times and accelerating time-to-market.

Quality Control and Compliance

Our on-site quality control teams thoroughly inspect all products before shipment to ensure compliance with all requirements and prevent any quality escapes that could result in customer rejections. Customers also benefit from an additional layer of quality control as parts are inspected once again upon arrival at a local warehouse.

Optimizing Capacity Utilization

We allow suppliers to optimize their capacity utilization, while effective planning and project management processes boost efficiency. Furthermore, we extend financial support to suppliers through working capital loans and invoice discounting services to facilitate their business development and growth.

Transparency for a Smooth Supply Chain

Ind Aust's project managers keep an eye on external factors such as raw material availability and shipping times, providing advance warnings of any downstream supply chain issues. They collaborate with customers to find alternative production options and avoid delays.

Dedicated Project Management for Personalized Support

Our dedicated project managers are supported by a team of experts, working together to handle purchase orders, tool design, DFM, FAIR approval, inventory management, and delivery. Each customer's dedicated project manager provides localized support and personalized project management, ensuring efficient and effective communication and coordination.

Efficient Logistics Management

At Ind Aust, our dedicated logistics managers supervise all aspects of your shipments, including customs clearance, tracking, and transportation across borders and inland. Our logistics management services are designed to help you reduce costs and operate more efficiently, regardless of your specific needs.

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