ENgineering services redefined 

The primary goal of the Yanmar technical training school are three-fold -

-To enhance the knowledge and ability of service and operational engineers,
-Which then leads to superior service to engine owners and operators,
-Resulting in owners enjoying optimal performance from the longevity of their engines

Yanmar technical training schools have an unparalleled track record in imparting training in diesel engine technology to the marine and power fraternities worldwide. The schools train engineers, managers, surveyors and operators.   

Yanmar technical training school (India) is operated collaboratively by Yanmar and Ind-Aust and dedicated to the south Asian region.

YTTS’ unique features include

-Course content, quality control and certification by Yanmar

-Well-trained and experienced trainers

-In-house 1-mw engine, IMO tier 2 compliant

-Content specified theory and hands-on practice combined training

-Engine and associated equipment, electrical and control systems comprehensively covered

-Maximum class size of seven individuals

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