Diversified Power Engineering


           + Vertical series

           + Horizontal series

                         - 7.5    KVA 
                          - 12.5  KVA 
                          - 15     KVA 
                          - 20     KVA
                          - 25     KVA 
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                         - 7.5    KVA 
                          - 12.5  KVA 
                          - 15     KVA 
                          - 20     KVA
                          - 25     KVA 

​                          - 62.5  KVA

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An advanced Mitsubishi engine powers the Guardian Residential Gensets. Engine incorporates the latest IDI Japanese technology, which translates to lower maintenance & environmental cost. The engine is specifically designed for generator use. It is light weight, compact, of high torque and low on vibration.Being water cooled, further enhances machines longevity and fuel efficiency.


Stamford alternator, from Cummins Generator Technologies, provides a robust electric generation. Rated for 3000 revs a minute, it generates single or three phase output that conforms to BS 5000/IS 4722 norms. Being brushless, there is a near zero maintenance need. The functionality is better due screen protection, self excitation and regulation through AVR.   

It’s quality power because it’s-

  •      + 1.0 % Voltage regulation (max.) in static conditions
  •       IP: 23 protection with insulation class H
  •       Permissible overload of 10% for one hour in 12 hours of operation
  •       Superior harmonics and sine wave form produce less than 5% Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)

Sensitive electronic equipment and micro-chip based appliances, such as variable speed HVAC (seen more often in homes nowadays) can be confidently operated with this quality power.

Control Panel:-

It pack within it -    

  •       a micro processor based controller
  •       bus bars with ‘Load On' and ‘Set Running' indications
  •       instrument fuses and MCCB with overload and short circuit protections

Genset controller 

  • Both the Monitoring and Control systems are microprocessor based.
  • It provides a simple user-machine interface experience

Included within a single control unit, are :-

  • manual & remote start & stop controls    
  • safety, protection and alarms
  • fault indication to know shutdown reason     
  • running hour counter   
  • features that record the run time stories
  • programs that can be tuned for better output
  • Guardian Gensets quite often operate in a harsh environment. The control panel within itis designed, and tested severally, to stand up to such conditions. 

Features, Function, Protection:-

  • 16 character x 2 line alphanumeric LCD display with LED backlight
  • Operator interface
  • Provide a record of most recent fault conditions
  • Fault history stored in the control non volatile memory
  • Provide  Alternator Data
  • Voltage ( 1 phor 3 ph line to line and line to neutral voltage)
  • Current ( 1 ph or 3 ph )
  • ​KVA (3 ph andtotal)
  • ​Frequency
  • Provide Engine Data
  • Starting battery voltage
  • Engine running hours

Control includes provision for Service adjustment and calibration of DG control functions

  • Voltage
  • Frequency selection
  • Configurable input and output set up
  • Meter calibration.

Engine controls - Panel operates on 12 VDC batteries. Auto start mode accepts a ground signal from remote devices to automatically start the DG set. The remote start will also wake up the control system from sleep mode. 

Engine Starting - The control system supports automatic engine starting, Primary and back up start disconnects are achieved by battery charging alternator feedback or main alternator output frequency. 

Controller provide configurable time delay of 0-300 secs to start after remote start signal and time delay of 0-600 secs prior to shutdown after stop signal.  Sleep mode increase battery life. Configurable current settings from low to minimize current draw when genset is not working.

Engine Protective functions includes

  • Configurable alarm output
  • Emergency stop: Annunciated whenever an emergency stop signal is received by the control
  • Low lube oil pressure warning and Shutdown
  • High engine Fail  to start shut down
  • High water temp warning / Shutdown
  • Cracking lockout: Control will not allow the starter to engage or to crank the running engine
  • Cyclic cranking: Configurable for the number of starting cycle (1 to 7) and duration of crank and rest periods

Alternator Protective functions includes 

High and Low AC voltage shut down 
Under and Over frequency shutdown / warning 


The Horizontal and Vertical range of guardian generators are styled to look elegant, distinguished andone-off. 

They compliment your home styling and the sleek gadgets within it. 

The vertical models particularly have the smallest footprint on your floor area. 

The entire range of Guardian Residential Gensets are in fact compacter than other leading brands.

Noise and Emission Certified

Guardian DG set complies with the stringent noise and emission norms of the Central Pollution Control Board of India (CPCB).

Acoustic enclosure

The acoustic enclosure is made of CRCA sheets and a structural/ sheet metal base. The walls of the enclosure are insulated with fire retardant foam. 

Horizontal Series

The ‘Guardian' brand of residential small Gensets brings international standard to Indian homes expecting a better product experience.  

The Vertical design is the first ever in the world for an acoustically enclosed Genset. It’s a Genset that matches the elegance of your other personal gadgets at home!


Sleek looks, smallest footprint , low weight, Japanese technology at core, and careful customer support; sets ‘Guardian' Gensets apart from competition.(click here for comparison chart) Sized from 7.5KVA to 25KVA, it is meant to be adequate to keep all your home equipment working through power outages. AC, geyser, TV, microwave and PC’s - can all work together. Thoughtful features and controls make Guardian Residential Gensets family friendly. 

Guardian Residential Gensets are certified compliant to applicable noise and emission norms.